@templo delega some breath to grow…

@templo delega some breath to grow…

noviembre 25, 2018 0 Por templo


 The beginning.

 This wasn’t planned to bring visibility to the project, or to become more popular, this just came out from one of our regular discord’s chat interaction, our mod @Eltrompetista and a new user who just joined steemit recently, she was interested in taking part on our ArtUniverse Written Arts contest even thought she can barely interact in our platform, this is because new users are having a tough time since the last HardFork. But these conversations are a frequent topic in our chat, every now and then i find some user with this same problem and i feel we all feel impotent against this kind of hardships, so i started thinking about a possible solution to this, and give the new users a better experience and allow them to grow faster, everything here in our home @Templo.

Letras griegas.png


 Just as a test we offered some air to our new friend, who hasn’t been for too long on steemit. But like everything else in life this has a price, this does not favor us in economical terms but it is an educative example to this user and every other user who are just starting on this platform, this way we offered her to receive a delegation from the @Templo project’s founder for a fixed time to allow her to interact more and encourage her growth, this came with just one requirement, she will have to invest all her earnings, this means she will have to Power Up to increase her SP so she is able to breathe and interact all by herself once the delegation time runs out.

Letras griegas.png

Some breath to grow on Steemit.

  It this test returns a positive result and the user complies with the only requirement for the delegation, it has been decided that @Templo will continue this practice on a wider range with some requirements it will be provided as long as the users openly request this support mechanic on our discord server.


Request the delegation via our @Templo Discord Server on the channel which topic is to help users grow.

● The user who is requesting the delegation should display his/her growing potential.

Every reward during the time being should be invested on SP, meaning that the liquid funds should be powered up to SP.

● During the delegation time the user should vote at least 4 posts daily from the community members.

● During the delegation time the user should comment at least 4 posts daily from the community members. Use our tag #Templo in every article or post during the delegation.

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 Our first delegation.

  This humble and small delegation is meant to take some breath and allow more interactions with the platform and its users. It was given to the user @Angelik-a whose blog is oriented mainly towards literature and it displays a high quality standard, which turns it in the prime example when it comes down to growth potential, this would allow the user to achieve an important status among the community members as long as she is constantly creating and posting high quality content. She has been given some advices as how to correctly use this delegation and grow without hurting her RC (Resource Credits), like for example, not following a curation trail and even though she is not able, she was told to not delegate any amount of SP to any project, as her SP might go below the minimum SP required to allow transactions from her account.


 The source of the delegation.

 The delegation and most of the available SP in @Templo comes from a direct contribution from the project’s founder, in order to avoid harm to the project’s correct operation, this test will be funded directly by the project’s founder and his own account, if at some point it is required to extend this offer, an analysis will take place in order to define how much of the project’s SP could be invested on this help mechanic.


When will be our Request Channel enabled?

  Once the test is over, and if the delegated amount and it’s effective time proves to be enough considering the advices have been followed, depending on whether or not the goal has been achieved, then it will be decided if the channel will be enabled for the community and if the helping dynamic will be adopted or not. If that happens, each 10 days (more or less) we will be giving those delegations to the users who requested via the designated channel, we expect this to give a considerable boost to these users on their interactions and social activities on the platform, allowing them to enjoy a much better experience and learn more about steemit and how a new user should start.